Vegans Abroad in Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Cost of Living + Rental House Tour

Cost of Living in Cuenca Ecuador + Rental House Tour (Episode 63)

This is a LOOONG video! But we had a lot to cover. Several of our viewers requested a cost of living video and a tour of our rental house. Some of the other cost of living videos we’ve watched only touched on some expenses and few give home tours, so we thought a more comprehensive video would be helpful to people thinking about moving here….

Amelia Returns to Cuenca + Mattress Shopping at Vera Vazquez

Amelia Returns to Cuenca + Mattress Shopping at Vera Vazquez (Episode 62)

Amelia still works for a company based in Denver, CO and she goes back for a week four times per year. Time goes very slowly while she’s gone and I’m always very happy when she returns!

After sleeping on comfortable beds at her parents’ house and in hotels for 11 nights, Amelia told me it was time to finally buy un colchón nuevo (a new mattress).

We were planning to go shopping the afternoon that she returned to Cuenca, but after a long day of travel and an early morning flight back to Cuenca from Quito, she was too tired to go shopping so we went the next day, instead….

Single Vegan What I Eat In A Day

Single Vegan What I Eat In A Day (Episode 61)

While Amelia is back in the States, I thought I’d share What I Eat In A Day as a Single Vegan. These are some of my favorite, super simple recipes that make enough leftovers for lunch the following day.

Back by popular demand, I added a little Daisy Cam footage. I adopted Daisy almost 8 years ago from a shelter in Denver, CO. She’s a super sweet girl, unless you’re an invader in her territory.

Amelia also shared her delicious dinner at Watercourse Foods in Denver, CO. We used to live just a few blocks from Watercourse when we lived in Uptown before we moved to Ecuador. It’s one of the few 100% vegan restaurants in Denver and it’s freaking amazing! They have lots of vegan comfort food. It was our Denver version of Fratello….

Plaza Rotary in Cuenca | Outdoor Marketplace

Plaza Rotary in Cuenca | Outdoor Marketplace (Episode 60)

While Amelia’s back in the States, I filmed el Mercado de Artesanias Rotary here in Cuenca. It’s usually just called “the rotary” by the gringos and it’s located at Vargas Machuca y Gaspar Sangurima just one block East of Mercado 9 de Octubre. 

The Rotary has lots of mostly indigenous vendors selling furniture, metalwork, hand-woven baskets, pottery, kitchen utensils, clothes, bags, rugs, souvenirs, etc. It’s a great place to find unique gifts for your loved ones, or obscure items for yourself….

Amelia's Leaving + Bachelor Vegan Dinner

Amelia’s Leaving + Bachelor Vegan Dinner (Episode 59)

Amelia is back in the states for a couple of weeks. She still works for a company based in Denver, CO and she has to go back once every 3 to 4 months for facetime and account reviews. She manages their CRM tool and does various other sales related activities. 

The Cuenca airport is very small, as we showed you in our Return to Cuenca video. In this video, we show you the food court, which is very thin on vegan options. We looked at all the menus and didn’t see a single vegan meal option. They do have lots of vegan drinks and snacks, though, including papas fritas, but nothing hardy or healthy….

Cuenca Rental Courtyard Tour + Vegan Locro de Papa Soup

Cuenca Rental House Courtyard Tour + Vegan Locro de Papa Soup (Episode 58)

We cover lots of stuff in this “Day In The Life” video. Amelia will show you how to cook a veganized version of a traditional Ecuadorian dish called Locro de Papa and I’ll give you a tour of our courtyard. I’ll also explain how hot water and trash pickup work in Ecuador, and show you an example of door-to-door sales…

Cuenca Gas Truck Song Lyrics English Translation

Cuenca Gas Truck Song Lyrics and English Translation (Cuenca’s Anthem)

The Cuenca gas truck song lyrics come from a song written about Cuenca after it was named a Unesco World Heritage Site. I guess you could call it Cuenca’s anthem song. I’ve done my best to translate the lyrics based on the context, but please feel free to correct me if I’ve made a mistake….

Girón Ecuador Waterfall + Hiking at Laguna de Busa

Girón Ecuador Waterfall + Hiking at Laguna de Busa (Episode 57)

This is a SUPER relaxing video…es MUY relajado. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Edwin driving through the picturesque Ecuadorian countryside, hiking around Laguna de Busa, doing a little scary rock climbing and hiking up to a waterfall outside of Girón, Ecuador.

If you’re near Cuenca, Ecuador and need a reliable, safe driver who speaks fluent English, please let us know. We’d be happy to connect you with Edwin!

Food With Friends Featuring Olesya #2

Food With Friends Featuring Olesya #2 (Episode 56)

Our good friend and Amelia’s FAVORITE yoga instructor came over for another Food With Friends cooking video. Olesya is from Russia and speaks several languages, so you get to hear some cool pronunciations.

Olesya had never tried tofu, so we invited her over in our first Food With Friends video back in Episode 35 to cook Tofu Scramble. And in this video, she learned how to make our easy and satisfying Vegan Mexican Lasagna. YUMMM!!!

Cuenca Bus Tour to Turi + New Cathedral Terrace & Tour

Cuenca Bus Tour to Turi + New Cathedral Terrace & Tour (Episode 55)

The Cuenca City Tour, operated by Van Service Internacional, is a great way to get beautiful views of Cuenca and the Andes Mountains, as well as learn about Cuenca’s long history. The tour guide speaks in both Spanish and English so us gringos can also understand.

We arrived at the City Tour departure area in Parque Calderon a little before 1PM, but they take a lunch break during that time so we had to wait for the 2PM departure. 

Since we had an hour to kill, we decided to hike up to the New Cathedral Terrace, which is open to the public. It costs $2 per person and there are lots of stairs. If you have physical issues, it might be a little too tough for you…