Vegans Abroad in Cuenca Ecuador

Best Dentist in Cuenca Ecuador 2019

A Trip to the Best Dentist in Cuenca for 2019 – Dr. Grace Ordoñez (Episode 73)

We’ve had several questions about our medical and dental experiences here in Cuenca Ecuador so we thought we’d share our dental experience with you in this video.

I went to Dr. Grace for a cleaning back in July, and was really impressed with her office and staff, and her knowledge and skill as a dentist. She was recommended to us by some gringo friends of ours.

Since then, she also won the Best Dentist in Cuenca Award for 2019 from This award is given based on the number of votes from mostly gringos who frequent (which is most of us).

Amelia went to Dr. Grace for a cleaning in December, which is when she found out about the poor state of her old fillings. Several had mercury, which is horrible for human health in ANY amount. And others had been worn down due to Amelia’s night clenching. She also decided to get a nightguard to help protect her teeth from more damage….

Lower Cajas National Park - Cuenca Ecuador

Hiking in Lower Cajas National Park – Cuenca Ecuador (Episode 72)

We went on another hiking adventure just 40 minutes west of Cuenca to Lower Cajas, which is part of Cajas National Park.

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to drive from highway 582 to the trailhead parking lot. It was free to enter, but we had to show our cedulas (or passports would work). There are no food services so bring your own snacks….

Top 10 Things We Love About Ecuador + 5 Things We Don't Love

Top 10 Things We LOVE About Cuenca Ecuador + Top 5 Things We Don’t Love (Episode 71)

We’ve had several requests for a video covering the things we love about Cuenca Ecuador, as well as some of the things we don’t love. That was the inspiration for this video sharing the Pros and Cons of Cuenca Ecuador. If you have any questions about living in Cuenca or would like us to make a video on a specific topic, please let us know in the comments….

San Francisco Plaza Cuenca + Old Cathedral Tour + Vegan Lunch at Funky Sauce Cuenca

San Francisco Plaza Cuenca + Old Cathedral Tour + Vegan Lunch at Funky Sauce Cuenca (Episode 70)

This was our day of firsts. It was the first time we visited the newly renovated San Francisco Plaza here in Cuenca Ecuador. It was the first time we toured the Old Cathedral art museum. And it was our first time having lunch at Funky Sauce, a new vegan and vegetarian restaurant here in Cuenca on the corner of 3 de Noviembre y Benigno Malo by the Tomebamba River…

Novaqua Hot Springs Tour - Baños Cuenca

Novaqua Hot Springs Tour in Baños Cuenca (Episode 69)

After a busy day of work, we decided to go to Novaqua in Baños Azuay just outside of Cuenca. It’s one of several spas in Baños Azuay with hot springs pools. While we enjoy the other places, we prefer Novaqua because it’s adults only.

If you have kids or enjoy listening to kids play, we recommend Hostería Durán, which is just a short walk from Novaqua. It has a nice kid’s pool, as well as a nice thermal bath room that’s perfect for relaxing. The last time we went to Hostería Durán, it cost $8 per adult and I believe they also have kids rates. However, their kitchen is not very vegan friendly so be sure to take snacks….

Valentine's Day in Cuenca 2019 + Aphrodisiac Dinner at Café Libre

Valentine’s Day in Cuenca 2019 + Aphrodisiac Dinner at Café Libre (Episode 68)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Cuenca Ecuador!!!

Our friends Jimmy and Sharon who recently moved to Cuenca from the US requested a Valentine’s Day video and we were happy to oblige.

I was going to make it a surprise, but I decided against it because that’s not really who we are. We’re very practical people and I would rather have Amelia pick out her favorite flowers and chocolates instead of trying to guess what she wants. And she chose flowers and chocolates that I would have never bought, so everything worked out.

We also had a very special Valentine’s Day Dinner at Café Libre in Cuenca. This was an experience we’ll remember for the rest of our lives!

Vegan Skin Care Cuenca Ecuador

Vegan Skin Care in Cuenca Ecuador with Dr. Rosy (Episode 67)

Our good friend and vegan doctor, Rosy, gave us both facials in this video. The treatments that Rosy has given Amelia have removed lots of skin damage. Amelia may not look it, but she’s 50 years old! Our whole-food plant-based diet combined with Rosy’s vegan chemical peels have literally taken years off of Amelia’s appearance.

With my fair skin, I’ve had a lifelong battle with the sun. Several years ago, I did a multi-week chemical peel prescribed by a dermatologist back in the States to remove the pre-cancer cells covering my entire face. It was a long and very painful process. It left my face a bright shade of red for months. It did work, though. All those pesky pre-cancer cells were destroyed…

Ecuagenera Orchid Farm + Casa Museo de la Makana & Paute Ecuador

Ecuagenera Orchid Farm Tour + La Casa de Macanas & Paute Ecuador (Episode 66)

We stopped at the Ecuagenera Orchid Farm in a previous video, but the farm tour was closed that day. Going back for the tour has been on our list for almost a year so we were happy Edwin was available to take us.

After we left Ecuagenera, we went back to Casa Museo de la Makana to get the official tour from the owner, José Jiménez. He is somewhat of a celebrity in Ecuador because his picture is on billboards throughout the country advertising his business. Edwin was very excited to meet him!

After we left Casa Museo de la Makana, we asked Edwin to show us the pueblita where he lives, Paute, Ecuador. A billboard on the way into town advertising dish soap has (I think) inadvertently given the town a motto: Tierra de Buenos Esposos. This translates to Land of Good Husbands, implying the husbands help out around the house by washing dishes. We all got a good laugh about that, especially after my comment in our Cost of Living in Cuenca Ecuador video!

Why We're Still Vegan

Why We’re Still Vegan // Our “No Longer Vegan” Response (Episode 65)

In response to a handful of YouTubers who have said they’re no longer vegan, we felt it was necessary to post a video saying why we’re still vegan and always will be.

We don’t talk about veganism a lot on our YouTube channel because we prefer to live by example rather than potentially alienate pre-vegans with militant messaging. We avoided veganism for many years due to the negative stigma created by well-meaning people who think the best way to wake people up is by force. That didn’t work for us so we’re taking a more positive, inspirational and educational approach….

Cuenca Day In The Life + Aerial & Pole Fitness at Fit Alliance

Cuenca Day In The Life + Aerial & Pole Fitness at Fit Alliance (Episode 64)

Daisy was invited to a birthday party for a tiny Chihuahua named Maxi, who just turned 5 years old. Maxi’s mom, Jessica, runs Maxi’s Pet Care who watches our girls when we’re out of town. Daisy had a BLAST at the party and slept the rest of the afternoon!

After Maxi’s birthday party, we went home for a snack and then walked down to El Centro for the Fit Alliance open house at JungleGym. We were lucky enough to get special aerial and pole dance performances from two of the instructors! Enjoy!